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Name transmembrane protease, serine 2
Symbol TMPRSS2
Aliases PRSS10; epitheliasin
Gene Product
  • transmembrane protease, serine 2
  • Mutation in Prostate cancer
SummaryThis gene encodes a protein that belongs to the serine protease family. The encoded protein contains a type II transmembrane domain, a receptor class A domain, a scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain and a protease domain. Serine proteases are known to be involved in many physiological and pathological processes. This gene was demonstrated to be up-regulated by androgenic hormones in prostate cancer cells and down-regulated in androgen-independent prostate cancer tissue. The protease domain of this protein is thought to be cleaved and secreted into cell media after autocleavage. The biological function of this gene is unknown.
Gene Ontology
EST (129 ESTs, 69 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
blood (1/27)0.009 1/40686
colon (16/853)0.011 22/165626
eye (1/33)0.042 1/93836
kidney (3/86)0.009 4/132968
lung (4/312)1.000 4/245386
muscle (1/21)0.011 1/71297
nervous (1/475)0.117 1/43438
pancreas (2/33)0.016 3/117255
prostate (22/291)0.147 60/109871
stomach (7/312)0.030 16/129930
uncharacterized tissue (7/1773)0.217 11/713325
uterus (4/212)0.012 5/155110
SAGE (4962347 tags, 96 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
blood (1/1)0.144 1/48523
brain (10/19)0.216 19/690223
colon (4/8)0.836 24/305765
eye (2/6)0.112 3/162020
kidney (2/2)0.359 4/115792
liver (1/1)0.626 6/133722
lung (1/1)0.548 7/89143
mammary gland (11/19)0.415 22/734050
muscle (1/2)0.129 1/53853
ovary (1/10)0.164 1/42445
pancreas (7/8)0.290 10/320774
prostate (11/13)1.000 90/1199107
skin (1/7)0.789 1/13259
stomach (3/3)0.819 14/393967
uncharacterized tissue (9/22)0.607 25/472953
vascular (3/3)0.155 4/186751
SNPrs456298 (T/A:mrna-utr);  rs391099 (C/T:intron);  rs2257202 (T/C:intron);  rs465576 (C/A:intron);  rs389001 (G/A:mrna-utr);  rs2156300 (T/C:intron);  rs456142 (T/C:mrna-utr);  rs2187238 (T/C:mrna-utr);  rs417888 (A/G:intron);  rs402197 (T/C:intron);  rs374805 (G/A:intron);  rs381179 (T/C:intron);  rs392370 (C/A:intron);  rs457909 (A/G:intron);  rs386416 (G/C:intron);  rs915823 (A/C:intron);  rs401371 (C/G:intron);  rs455045 (T/C:intron);  rs378501 (A/G:intron);  rs462471 (G/A:locus-region);  rs2104810 (G/A:intron);  rs415731 (A/G:intron);  rs430915 (A/G:intron);  rs462321 (C/G:intron);  rs383510 (T/C:intron);  rs402303 (C/T:intron);  rs455281 (G/T:intron);  rs462574 (G/A:mrna-utr);  rs734055 (A/C:intron);  rs467375 (G/A:intron);  rs386519 (A/G:intron);  rs415918 (T/C:intron);  rs2094881 (T/C:intron);  rs423596 (T/C:intron);  rs462448 (C/T:intron);  rs2070786 (C/T:intron);  rs429442 (G/C:mrna-utr);  rs456016 (T/C:intron);  rs1003030 (C/T:intron);  rs875393 (C/T:intron);  rs2298857 (G/A:intron);  rs386638 (C/T:intron);  rs422761 (G/A:mrna-utr);  rs3037873 (GG/-:intron);  rs435877 (G/C:mrna-utr);  rs387438 (A/G:intron);  rs458280 (T/G:intron);  rs464431 (G/A:intron);  rs2298658 (A/C:intron);  rs1056602 (G/C:coding-nonsyn);  rs455922 (T/C:intron);  rs2276205 (A/G:intron);  rs364289 (G/A:intron);  rs458213 (T/A:intron);  rs928871 (C/T:intron);  rs2838038 (C/T:mrna-utr);  rs422471 (T/C:intron);  rs387192 (A/G:intron);  rs461194 (C/G:intron);  rs375760 (G/T:intron);  rs2150434 (C/G:mrna-utr);  rs400969 (T/G:intron);  rs2410428 (A/G:intron);  rs914184 (A/G:intron);  rs378616 (A/C:mrna-utr);  rs463727 (A/T:locus-region);  rs951027 (A/G:mrna-utr);  rs420737 (A/G:mrna-utr);  rs375408 (G/A:intron);  rs743542 (C/T:intron);  rs395584 (C/T:mrna-utr);  
EvidenceMutation in Prostate cancer

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