Human Prostate Gene DataBase

Name G antigen, family C, 1
Symbol GAGEC1
Aliases JM27; PAGE4; GAGE-9; PAGE-1; PAGE-4; JM27 protein; prostate-associated gene protein 4
Gene Product
  • G antigen, family C, 1
  • Over expression in Prostate cancer
  • Over expression in Normal prostate
SummaryThis gene is a member of the GAGE family. The GAGE genes are expressed in a variety of tumors and in some fetal and reproductive tissues. This gene is strongly expressed in prostate and prostate cancer, but is also expressed in other male and female reproductive tissues including testis, fallopian tube, uterus, and placenta, as well as in testicular cancer and uterine cancer. The protein encoded by this gene shares sequence similarity with other GAGE/PAGE proteins, and also belongs to a family of CT (cancer-testis) antigens.
EST (70 ESTs, 24 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
blood (1/27)0.027 1/40686
heart (1/22)0.026 3/55494
placenta (11/342)0.853 32/157762
prostate (5/291)0.042 17/109871
uncharacterized tissue (6/1773)1.000 17/713325
SAGE (1891017 tags, 28 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
brain (5/19)0.171 7/448576
colon (1/8)0.587 5/61667
eye (2/6)0.305 5/317956
heart (1/1)0.086 1/84357
mammary gland (3/19)0.119 3/183264
ovary (1/10)0.149 1/48552
prostate (4/13)1.000 34/260013
stomach (2/3)0.212 2/136465
uncharacterized tissue (3/22)0.309 7/350167
SNPrs2280892 (A/G:mrna-utr);  rs1802956 (T/C:coding-nonsyn);  
EvidenceOver expression in Prostate cancer Over expression in Normal prostate

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