Human Prostate Gene DataBase

Name cadherin 13, H-cadherin (heart)
Symbol CDH13
Aliases CDHH; P105; T-cad; H-cadherin; T-cadherin; heart-cadherin; truncated-cadherin
Gene Product
  • cadherin 13 preproprotein
  • Methylation in Prostate cancer
SummaryThis gene is a member of the cadherin superfamily. The encoded protein is a calcium dependent cell-cell adhesion glycoprotein comprised of five extracellular cadherin repeats, a transmembrane region but, unlike the typical cadherin superfamily member, lacks the highly conserved cytoplasmic region. This particular cadherin is a putative mediator of cell-cell interaction in the heart and may act as a negative regulator of neural cell growth. The gene locus is hypermethylated or deleted in breast, ovarian and lung cancers. Two major mRNA transcripts encoding identical proteins are found, products of alternative polyadenylation sites.
Gene Ontology
EST (110 ESTs, 69 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
bone (1/13)0.003 2/26211
brain (14/204)0.001 28/362011
cartilage (1/5)0.003 1/11018
colon (1/853)0.001 1/165626
embryo (2/19)0.000 3/37976
eye (2/33)0.003 3/93836
germ cell (1/7)0.000 1/57383
head and neck (2/990)1.000 2/79796
heart (2/22)0.007 2/55494
kidney (2/86)0.000 2/132968
liver (1/38)0.001 1/46472
lung (6/312)0.108 6/245386
muscle (1/21)0.002 2/71297
nervous (9/475)0.243 11/43438
prostate (1/291)0.001 1/109871
skin (1/31)0.024 1/100815
spleen (1/7)0.002 1/9511
testis (1/171)0.002 1/117531
uncharacterized tissue (14/1773)0.250 31/713325
uterus (5/212)0.001 9/155110
SAGE (16312543 tags, 316 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
blood (1/1)0.352 5/97046
brain (19/19)0.604 161/3640196
cerebellum (1/1)1.000 14/153840
colon (8/8)0.367 44/1088062
eye (6/6)0.605 67/945110
foreskin (2/2)0.883 4/38774
heart (1/1)0.550 12/337428
kidney (2/2)0.249 4/138091
liver (1/1)0.110 2/133722
lung (1/1)0.338 8/356572
mammary gland (15/19)0.743 100/2116091
muscle (2/2)0.529 15/430934
ovary (9/10)0.504 39/724515
pancreas (8/8)0.442 31/654410
prostate (11/13)0.433 64/1359067
skin (6/7)0.816 15/137058
stomach (3/3)0.609 25/666897
uncharacterized tissue (19/22)0.566 111/2350125
vascular (3/3)0.724 33/944605
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EvidenceMethylation in Prostate cancer

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