Human Prostate Gene DataBase

Name WAP four-disulfide core domain 1
Symbol WFDC1
Aliases PS20; prostate stromal protein ps20; WAP four-disulfide core domain 1 homolog (mouse)
Gene Product
  • WAP four-disulfide core domain 1 precursor
  • Gross deletion in Prostate cancer
SummaryThis gene encodes a member of the WAP-type four disulfide core domain family. The WAP-type four-disulfide core domain, or WAP signature motif, contains eight cysteines forming four disulfide bonds at the core of the protein, and functions as a protease inhibitor in many family members. The encoded protein shares 81% amino acid identity with the rat ps20 protein, which was originally identified as a secreted growth inhibitor. This gene is mapped to chromosome 16q24, an area of frequent loss of heterozygosity in cancers, including prostate, breast and hepatocellular cancers and Wilms' tumor. Owing to its location and a possible growth inhibitory property of its gene product, this gene is suggested to be a tumor suppressor gene.
EST (68 ESTs, 33 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
brain (4/204)0.109 11/362011
colon (2/853)0.071 2/165626
eye (2/33)1.000 3/93836
germ cell (1/7)0.087 1/57383
heart (1/22)0.019 1/55494
kidney (1/86)0.058 1/132968
liver (1/38)0.072 1/46472
placenta (2/342)0.166 8/157762
prostate (4/291)0.093 9/109871
stomach (2/312)0.116 2/129930
testis (1/171)0.035 2/117531
uncharacterized tissue (11/1773)0.141 24/713325
uterus (1/212)0.074 3/155110
SAGE (547151 tags, 9 libraries)
Tissue ? Frequency ? Count ?
brain (3/19)0.425 3/218747
cerebellum (1/1)0.581 1/51280
eye (1/6)0.499 1/59661
kidney (1/2)0.711 1/41857
ovary (1/10)0.763 1/39049
prostate (1/13)1.000 2/59553
uncharacterized tissue (1/22)0.387 1/77004
SNPrs432434 (G/C:intron);  rs184955 (T/G:intron);  rs606582 (T/C:intron);  rs181740 (G/C:intron);  rs400515 (C/T:intron);  rs619994 (G/C:intron);  rs453630 (A/G:intron);  rs9910 (A/T:mrna-utr);  rs367045 (T/A:intron);  rs381107 (T/C:intron);  rs454605 (G/C:intron);  rs431596 (T/C:intron);  rs423666 (C/T:intron);  rs375932 (A/G:intron);  rs824292 (C/T:intron);  rs187372 (G/A:intron);  rs388905 (A/G:intron);  rs2113302 (A/T:intron);  rs1306488 (T/G:intron);  rs445141 (C/T:intron);  rs432666 (A/G:locus-region);  rs429725 (G/A:intron);  rs1862806 (A/G:intron);  rs193460 (C/T:intron);  rs424043 (C/A:intron);  rs448161 (C/T:intron);  rs364836 (C/G:intron);  rs2326205 (A/G:intron);  rs401782 (C/G:intron);  rs399209 (T/C:intron);  rs401760 (G/T:intron);  rs448305 (T/G:locus-region);  rs408216 (G/A:intron);  rs400345 (G/A:mrna-utr);  rs2288027 (T/A:intron);  rs401321 (T/C:intron);  rs244782 (A/G:intron);  rs420744 (C/A:locus-region);  rs375287 (C/T:intron);  rs889712 (G/T:locus-region);  rs396395 (C/T:intron);  rs369797 (T/G:intron);  rs173429 (C/T:intron);  rs393430 (C/T:intron);  rs2550486 (C/A:mrna-utr);  rs430002 (T/A:intron);  rs389336 (G/T:intron);  rs613604 (C/G:locus-region);  rs375427 (A/G:locus-region);  rs193462 (A/G:intron);  rs4557 (C/T:mrna-utr);  rs2161700 (G/A:intron);  rs444744 (G/A:locus-region);  rs370578 (G/T:intron);  rs2042434 (G/T:intron);  rs437216 (C/G:intron);  rs428610 (T/G:intron);  rs244827 (A/G:intron);  
EvidenceGross deletion in Prostate cancer

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