MethPrimer is an online platform which provides a number of tools and databases to facilitate the study of DNA methylation and epigenetics, including tools for designing primers and probes for various bisulfite conversion based PCRs, predicting CpG islands, and manipulating sequences.

Invitation to test MethPrimer 2.0

You are invited to test MethPrmer 2.0 program if you have a thorough understanding of DNA methylation and bisulfite-based methods for mapping DNA methylation. Major features of MethPrimer 2.0 include:

  1. Design primers for the following bisulfite-modification-based PCRs: BSP, MSP, MethyLight BSP, CORBRA, Nested MSP, MethyLight MSP, degenerate BSP.
  2. Offers pre-designed BSP and MSP primers for human and mouse genes, including non-protein-coding genes such as miRNA and lincRNA genes.
  3. Interactive interface
  4. BLAT search of primers
  5. Additional tools

MethPrimer 2.0 URL:

Please use the Feedback form (found at the bottom of every page) to send us bug reports and feature requests. When reporting a bug, please provide us with detailed description of the bug, the URL of the page where the bug is found, and a screenshot if necessary.