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  • methPrimerDB: A public database holding PCR primers for popular DNA methylation analysis methods (Methylation-specific PCR, Bisulfite-PCR-SSCP, Methylation-sensitive single-nucleotide primer extension, Combined bisulfite restriction analysis, Bisulfite sequencing) to prevent time-consuming primer design and experimental optimisation.
  •  DNA methylation database  contains information about the occurrence of methylated cytosines in the DNA.
  •  Genes Affected by Promoter CpG Island Methylation in Aging and/or Cancer created by Jean-Pierre Issa


  • MethTools (Christoph Grunau et al) a collection of software tools for the handling and analysis of DNA methylation data generated by the Bisulfite Genomic Sequencing method.
  • BiQ Analyzer is a software tool for easy visualization and quality control of DNA methylation data from bisulfite sequencing.



  •  DNA Methylation Society an international scientific society open to all those interested in any aspects of biological methylation.