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Name lymphotoxin alpha (TNF superfamily, member 1)
Symbol LTA
Aliases LT; TNFB; TNFSF1; lymphotoxin A; TNF superfamily, member 1; tumor necrosis factor beta; tumor necrosis factor, beta; lyphotoxin alpha (TNF superfamily, member 1)
Gene Product
  • lymphotoxin alpha precursor
UniGene Hs.36 
Reference Sequence
mRNA: NM_000595 Protein: NP_000586
LocusLink: 4049Chromosome: 6Cytoband: 6p21.3 UCSC Genome Map Eesembl Genome Map
SummaryLymphotoxin alpha, a member of the tumor necrosis factor family, is a cytokine produced by lymphocytes. LTA is highly inducible, secreted, and exists as homotrimeric molecule. LTA forms heterotrimers with lymphotoxin-beta which anchors lymphotoxin-alpha to the cell surface. LTA mediates a large variety of inflammatory, immunostimulatory, and antiviral responses. LTA is also involved in the formation of secondary lymphoid organs during development and plays a role in apoptosis.
Gene Ontology
EST (19 ESTs, 12 libraries)
Tissue Breadth ? CPM ?
heartBreadth of expression: 1 out of  26 libraries express this gene (3.85%)Average CPM:2.85
lungBreadth of expression: 1 out of  334 libraries express this gene (0.30%)Average CPM:1.54
lymph nodeBreadth of expression: 2 out of  22 libraries express this gene (9.09%)Average CPM:6.31
uncharacterized tissueBreadth of expression: 7 out of  1739 libraries express this gene (0.40%)Average CPM:17.34
SAGE (541003 tags, 10 libraries)
Tissue Breadth ? CPM ?
bloodBreadth of expression: 1 out of  1 libraries express this gene (100.00%)Average CPM:20.61
brainBreadth of expression: 2 out of  30 libraries express this gene (6.67%)Average CPM:24.48
colonBreadth of expression: 1 out of  8 libraries express this gene (12.50%)Average CPM:20.38
heartBreadth of expression: 1 out of  1 libraries express this gene (100.00%)Average CPM:11.85
prostateBreadth of expression: 2 out of  14 libraries express this gene (14.29%)Average CPM:32.22
skinBreadth of expression: 1 out of  7 libraries express this gene (14.29%)Average CPM:78.02
stomachBreadth of expression: 1 out of  4 libraries express this gene (25.00%)Average CPM:14.20
uncharacterized tissueBreadth of expression: 1 out of  20 libraries express this gene (5.00%)Average CPM:14.84
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