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Name transcription factor 2, hepatic; LF-B3; variant hepatic nuclear factor
Symbol TCF2
Aliases HNF2; LFB3; HNF1B; MODY5; VHNF1; HNF1beta
Gene Product
  • transcription factor 2 isoform a
  • transcription factor 2 isoform b
UniGene Hs.408093 
Reference Sequence
mRNA: NM_006481 Protein: NP_006472
LocusLink: 6928Chromosome: 17Cytoband: 17cen-q21.3 UCSC Genome Map Eesembl Genome Map
SummaryTCF2 encodes transcription factor 2, a liver-specific factor of the homeobox-containing basic helix-turn-helix family. The TCF2 protein is believed to form heterodimers with another liver-specific member of this transcription factor family, TCF1; depending on the TCF2 isoform, the result may be to activate or inhibit transcription of target genes. Mutation of TCF2 that disrupts normal function has been identified as the cause of MODY5 (Maturity-Onset of Diabetes, Type 5). A third human transcript variant is believed to exist based on such a variant in the rat: however, to date such an mRNA species has not been isolated.
Gene Ontology
EST (50 ESTs, 33 libraries)
Tissue Breadth ? CPM ?
brainBreadth of expression: 2 out of  759 libraries express this gene (0.26%)Average CPM:158.73
colonBreadth of expression: 7 out of  930 libraries express this gene (0.75%)Average CPM:71.56
eyeBreadth of expression: 1 out of  24 libraries express this gene (4.17%)Average CPM:1.84
germ cellBreadth of expression: 1 out of  6 libraries express this gene (16.67%)Average CPM:0.55
kidneyBreadth of expression: 4 out of  145 libraries express this gene (2.76%)Average CPM:1.42
liverBreadth of expression: 1 out of  65 libraries express this gene (1.54%)Average CPM:1.47
lungBreadth of expression: 1 out of  334 libraries express this gene (0.30%)Average CPM:0.87
nervousBreadth of expression: 1 out of  21 libraries express this gene (4.76%)Average CPM:14.46
pancreasBreadth of expression: 1 out of  20 libraries express this gene (5.00%)Average CPM:0.92
parathyroidBreadth of expression: 1 out of  2 libraries express this gene (50.00%)Average CPM:0.96
prostateBreadth of expression: 1 out of  309 libraries express this gene (0.32%)Average CPM:0.77
stomachBreadth of expression: 3 out of  310 libraries express this gene (0.97%)Average CPM:15.43
uncharacterized tissueBreadth of expression: 6 out of  1739 libraries express this gene (0.35%)Average CPM:0.68
uterusBreadth of expression: 1 out of  236 libraries express this gene (0.42%)Average CPM:1.49
EvidenceDeletion in Abnormal Kidney Development Mutation in Kidney Cystic Disease Mutation in Abnormal Kidney Development

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